We’re two weeks in with the #BBTitans housemates, and between the endless sailing and sunken ships, silly tasks and unnecessary gbas gbos, they’re showing us their readiness to work for Biggie’s $100,000. 

As we go into the third week, here are some things you missed from Biggie’s house this weekend. 

BBTitan’s Tiger Woods

We don’t know how Big Brother arrived at this description, but after making it through the Friday games in fifty-one seconds, Kanaga Jr has won a thousand dollars and earned the title of Big Brother’s Tiger Woods.

Umunna meeting

The council of #BBTitans elders, Juicy Jay, Yemi, Marvin, Kanaga Jr and Thabang, came together to gossip talk about their numerous relationship woes and why Theo Traw was moving mad weird to the girls.

The night of the Unravelling

Jim Iyke and Muna Obiekwe no do pass like this. After what can only be described as a gidigbo game of truth or dare, Miracle and Yemi almost came to blows to defend their egos and retain the love of their combined lives, Khosi baby peperempe. 

If they really meant it, they should have done like our forefathers and actually entered the ring for Khosi’s heart, Big Brother’s money be damned. 

Jayvonne, the lovers

Juicy Jay and Yvonne’s relationship seems to be in full swing after sharing their first public kiss at the gidigbo truth or dare game. #Jayvonne spent the entire weekend in each other’s arms, with head shipper, Olivia, not too far away.

Xclusive don do freedom?

The answer is no. After a trail of poor performances in the Big Brother House, Dj Xclusive came in determined to give the housemates the time of their lives. Now, did they have a great time? Yes, but streets are saying after the first Dj of the season came in like he didn’t care about the housemate’s happiness, Xclusive’s mgbeke feeling funky transitions might as well be the best thing since sliced bread. 

Olibang take 2

After spending the better part of the week gushing about her shakara baby to #JayVonne, a tipsy Olivia moved to Thabang once more. At this point, this ship is on a bi-weekly subscription, once every Friday and Saturday. Fingers crossed, someone does something to speed things up and give their shippers something to work with.

Santheo’s exit

Sandra and Theo Traw’s stay in the Big Brother house has come to an end. After their ill-timed back-to-back fights right before nominations, Sandra and Theo got evicted from the house a week after their entrance.

Khoyemi with a side of Blue

Once again, the Khoyemi ship is faced with steep tides in the form of Yemi’s wandering eyes, mouth and hands. After yet another chat about faithfulness, Yemi, the UNSHAKABLE, crawled out of Khosi’s arms and into Blue’s, acting like long-lost lovers. At this point, we need the people in their house to come and set them straight. Because the way it’s going, if Yemi doesn’t sit up and stop moving to Blue Aiva, people will definitely leave Big Brother’s house, some in an ambulance, others in a black maria. 

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I would suggest a drinking game for every time Yemi lies to both his wives or Thabang chokes Olivia, but we’ll end the week as drunkards in a ton of bad debt. So all I can say is, hopefully, by this time next week, someone’s pushed our Olibangers together and Khoyemi apart … for our sanity.

Starting tomorrow (January 31st, 2023)


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