We know they said we should expect twists and turns, but this is getting ridiculous. Because tell me why Biggie is finding it hard to evict housemates when the show has just two weeks left. SMH.

A recap of the previous week:

Level three moved back to the main house 

Biggie had created a different level for Doyin, Eloswag and Chomzy instead of letting them go after eviction. But that only lasted two days before he moved them back to the general house. 

Rachel was tail of house 

Big brother is having too much fun with this tail-of-house punishment. Because why would you tell a grown woman to wear a trash bag? Tears. 

Phyna and Bella fight

Bella said Phyna was from the streets. Phyna said she pitied who brought Bella up ‘cause the person would be disappointed. Sheggz inserted himself by getting upset and defending his woman. Housemates told him to stay out of it because it wasn’t his fight — it was all just exhausting to watch. 

Housemates’ movie date 

Our focus wasn’t on the movie date. Eloswag, Chomzy, Phyna, Groovy, Chichi and Sheggz, the housemates who’d purchased the movie ticket, had a round table conversation addressing different issues in the house. Once again, they tried to trace where the sex rumours between Groovy and Phyna had started from. 

The pool party of the season 

Ebuka’s comment about dozing off while he watched the previous week’s pool party must’ve gotten to them because all the housemates brought their A-game this week. While Eloswag was dancing in one corner (ignoring Chomzy), Chomzy didn’t seem to care as she, Rachel, Adekunle, Brian and Chizzy formed the ultimate party squad. 

Housemates won their wager 

The theme of last week’s wager was “Green Earth”, and the housemates had to make art out of their trash. Even if it’s just ‘cause of the time Chizzy put into the task, we’re glad they won their wager. 

Shella finally got their date 

Bella and Sheggz had started to think Biggie wanted to run them street when he failed to grant them the private date they’d paid for. But on Saturday, Biggie finally surprised them with a beautiful, elaborate date in the garden. And guess who did Bella’s makeup? Rachel oh! 

Mr and Mrs Ikoyi make wedding plans 

You either find this ship very cute or very silly; there’s no in-between. Still, it seems there’ll be an Italy wedding to attend after the show. And Sheggz promises to give out 100 free tickets.

Phyna and Groovy’s fight 

There seems to be trouble in the Groophy ship because they had too many fights last week. And after the Saturday party where Phyna said Groovy refused to dance with her, she’s beginning to think he doesn’t really like her, and he has his eyes on another female housemate. He denied all accusations and said he’s just dealing with some “stuff”. 

Biggie plays Groovy and Eloswag’s songs 

We don’t think the level-up housemates are doing a good job selling themselves because most people didn’t even know Groovy and Eloswag are musicians. But Biggie played their songs on Sunday, and you could tell the housemates were genuinely happy for them. 

Level three housemates were evicted 

Biggie bid his house guests, Doyin, Eloswag and Chomzy, goodbye. And Chomzy was so sure she was the winner o. Leemao. 

Dotun and Allysn were evicted 

On Sunday, Dotun and Allysn were evicted from big brother’s house. They had a good run, and we’re looking forward to their growth after the show. 

Big Sheggz isn’t so big 

Sheggz was part of the bottom three housemates, and now, the audience is speculating that Biggie evicted two instead of three because the organisers didn’t want Sheggz to leave. 

The pressure is getting werser.

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