Another week, another round of drama. And as usual, we’re bringing you all the gist you may have missed in Week 5.

Chomzy won Head of House

Chomzy became the first female Head of House for the Level Up season, and we absolutely loved to see it. She chose Eloswag as her deputy. And together, they were both exempted from the week’s nominations.

Biggie put all the housemates up for eviction.

After each person had nominated their preferred housemate to be up for eviction, Biggie announced that all housemates, except the Head of House and deputy, were up for possible eviction. 

But immediately after, Ebuka announced to the viewers that the nominations were fake, and there was no need for any voting that week. Best in Littlefinger.

While some ships are sailing, others are sinking

With some new ships budding — e.g., Dotun has expressed his feelings for Daniella — other ships are sinking as quickly as they had started sailing; the Amaka and Giddyfia ship.  But the Shella ship stands firm, and the Phyna and Groovy ship seems to be waxing stronger. 

Housemates fight over food

Is it the big brother’s house if they don’t fight about food? The majority of the fights last week were because of food. Chizzy fought with Sheggz and Bella, while Bryan fought with Phyna and Amaka over kilishi. 

Amaka almost burnt down the house

In her defence, she had been trying to make meat pies when Biggie called all housemates to the garden, so she set the timer for 20 minutes. But when she returned to the house, it reeked of smoke and the microwave was damaged. In response to this act of carelessness, Biggie gave her a strict warning and forbade the housemates from using the new microwave.

The housemates won their wager

For their task, the housemates put up a show to showcase their locally made body butter and scrub, face mask, and lip scrub. Although Big brother said they could’ve done more with the number of housemates, he commended their effort regardless.

Amaka got her first strike

In line with the warning in the rule book, Amaka got her first strike for continuous microphone infringement.

Chichi’s punishment got extended

Biggie had asked Chichi to fill a notebook with the words: “I will never destroy the property of my fellow housemates”. Due to her failure to finish it in time, he added another notebook.

Modella got evicted

We expected a no eviction night, so when Ebuka had asked Modella to step forward, we were a bit surprised, but technically, she was never an actual housemate, so it makes sense. 

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