In a few hours, the BBNaija Season 5: Lockdown Edition will come to an end. But it is impossible to put people together in the same house for 71 days without housemates showing their irrational food habits.

In this list, I curate 5 of the most insane food obsessions from the BBNaija 2020 house:

1. Brighto and Semo

Do you know what it means when someone has to take to twitter to address an issue? And then he ends it with a curse? Yes, Brighto, aka Lord Baelish liked Semo way too much.

Considering that Semo was very angry in the interview we had with it, I think the rat poison, sorry food, will be very happy that it, at least, has some hardcore fans – Brighto number one.

2. Eric and Indomie

Eric my guy. This guy go chop 5 Indomie belleful at a go. I shit you not.

The tweets confirm it:

3. Vee and Spicy food

Vee intentionally cooks hot and spicy food so that ulcer patients will not be able to eat it. Omo.

What more can I say? The game is the game.

4. Eric and Food

Eric loves food more than Kanye loves Kanye. And that’s that on that.

5. Lucy can cook

Did I hear someone say wife material? 200 yards? LMAO.

Mama was even telling housemates she’ll cook for the entire 71 days if they don’t nominate her for eviction. LMAO. Where’s that skull emoji when you need it?



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