After the week that just passed in his house, we worry about Biggie’s mental health, because what was that chaos? Here’s a recap. 

Eloswag won head of house 

Making it his second time, and the fourth in a row, level 1 is winning the head of house challenge.

Sheggz and Adekunle fought 

Adekunle said Shella was Sheggz’s strategy, and Sheggz said he didn’t think Adekunle was straightforward. Since then, the vibe between the two has been awkward. But after Sheggz claimed Adekunle put Groovy up for eviction to spite him, the two started shouting at each other, and the other housemates were surprised at the bust of anger by the diplomatic Adekunle.

Deji and Dotun gossiped about other housemates

Deji had an earful to say about the ladies in the house, like how he was more aroused by Chomzy than Chichi, there’s no real ship in the house and Doyin is secretly jealous of the Shella ship.

Level 2 won the wager

Last week’s task was on Afrofuturism, and even though each housemate brought their A-game, level 2 won.  

Level 1 and 2 exchanged a housemate 

On Friday, Groovy was moved to Level 1, while Deji took his place in Level 2. Your fave, Phyna, was sulking because of the departure of her lover. Groovy, on the other hand, told Chomzy that Phyna was just like a mother to him. Fear men.

Hermes and Allyson kissed

No one can deny the passion that was carried in that single kiss. Although, some Allyson stans are not happy about this because Hermes made it clear he had not one but two relationships outside the house.

Diana and Rachel fought 

While we watched Eloswag, Hermes and Doyin burst the latest moves at the Saturday party, Diana and Rachel were in a corner having a squabble about Giddyfia.

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Kess and Pharmsavi were evicted

This didn’t come as a surprise because they were up against Groovy, Chizzy, Modella and Amaka, so we kinda saw it coming.

Groovy and Phyna sex rumours

Amaka was supposed to tell people about Groovy and Phyna being together, but somewhere down the grapevine, it changed to a rumour of them having sex.

Chichi and Diana also fought 

We don’t want to believe it was just because of wardrobe space Chichi was raining insults, threatening to scatter Diana with her mouth. She even went ahead to throw Diana’s things in the bin.

Both houses were merged on Sunday 

Finally! With both levels in the same house, new friendships are forming, and ships maybe? Amaka and Giddyfia already shared an under-the-duvet moment, so we have our eyes open for that.

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