Living in a Nigerian home with your Nigerian parents comes with free food, no rent, free entertainment and the inability to do what you want, like listen to the songs on this list.

Soundgasm – Rema 

This song is about sex, just like the other songs on this list, but someone actually moans in this one. How will you explain that part to your parents?

Standout lyric: If I hickey, hickey on her neck. Sex like a gangster, on my face, innocent.

Coming – Naira Marley 

We don’t think you should listen to any Naira Marley song in your parent’s house, but this one is literally called Coming

Standout lyric: Spork, missionary (oh-yoi)

Doggy style, cowgirl (oh-yoi)

Climb on top, or should I come on top?

Bana – Niniola 

Niniola sings about fighting her friends because of her man’s dick. That’s two strikes because not only are you fighting, but you’re fighting for dick? You’re clearly ready to move out.

Standout lyric: Oremi mo de le awon oremi, b’on ba de’waju bana mi.

Panty – Lojay

The chorus just repeats “panty panty” three times. Your parents might not chase you out of the house or judge you for the rest of your life, but you’re going to get the stare. You know the stare.

Standout lyric: And girl, I love you in your

Panty panty pan

Panty panty pan

Panty panty pan

69 – Praiz ft Burna Boy and Ikechukwu 

The title inspires zero hope, so why will you play this anywhere near your parents? The song is four minutes long, and the entire time Praiz, Burna Boy and Ikechukwu go on about sex with somebody’s child. If anything on this list would actually get you tthrown out it’s this song.

Standout lyric: You get the right stroke to the left stroke to the back stroke to the breaststroke yea.

High note with a side note with a tied rope and let’s smoke.

Soundtrack – May D

The OG Soundgasm, May D waxes lyrical about the sounds his partner makes during sex. 

Standout lyric: I like the way you do me when we’re doing it, doing it eh.

I like the way you kiss me when we’re doing it, doing it girl.

Dtf – CKay

CKay spends the entirety of this song asking his babe if she’s down to fuck. We don’t know what you want to tell your parents when it gets to the chorus, but good luck to you.

Standout lyric: So baby, are you down to fuck?

Baby, are you down to fuck with me?



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