I love the diversity of music genres — from pop to hip-hop to ballads — and K-pop has them all. It’s infectious and tricks my brain into thinking I’m happy. 

When anyone asks why you like K-pop, you can give wholesome answers like that, or reply to their intrusive-ass question by being petty. Either way, any true K-pop stan will relate to these responses. 

Do you want to like it too?

They should answer quickly because why are they chooking mouth in your business? Or were they expecting you to go into details?

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Their hair styles make me want to dye my hair a new colour every week

You too, think about it. Did you consider dyeing your hair until you fell in love with K-pop? Exactly.

It’s an excuse to spend all my money on merch

Who doesn’t love being broke because of the musicians they love? K-pop stans love it when their faves can’t come to their country to perform, so we happily compensate by spending all our money on photo cards and albums. It doesn’t get better than that.

I enjoy singing in a language I don’t understand

We all love showcasing our limited understanding of the Korean language, that’s why we love K-pop. We’re even learning it even though we can’t speak our actual dialect. It’s also a great way to pretend like the only words we know in hangul aren’t “hello” and “thank you”.

I love living my band dreams through K-pop groups

As kids, we thought we’d be musicians and even wrote many crappy songs. But reality set in, so we now spend all our time digesting information about super successful K-pop bands to relive our dreams.

K-pop choreos make me work out by force

If you’re feeling generous, teach them a choreography or ten from your favourite K-pop music videos. After they’ve passed out twice, they’d never ask anyone why they like K-pop again. 

I love singing about heartbreak in the most psychotic upbeat manner

Proceed to sing the most insane K-pop breakup song with a smile on your face, while doing the choreography for added effect. Bonus point if you translate it into English for them. 

Coordinated outfits make everything better

Long before the age-old argument of “If you’re going out on a date, should you coordinate or match our outfit” had an answer, being a K-pop fan and watching them perform in coordinated outfits answered the question. Not everyone can say their music tastes keep them on top of trending conversations. 

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