If you don’t know Burna Boy dropped an album this week, or you’ve not even listened to it, just come out of the rock you’ve been hiding under – we promise not to touch you, an ancient Rock of Ages. Meanwhile, there were literally a million reactions to the album on social media the midnight it dropped. We curated 7 types of reactions:

1. This Album Slaps


These ones are aspiring Nigerian soldiers. Everything must be dirty slap. Hian.

2. This Project is Mid

These ones hate plaintain. Nothing impresses them, even if Jesus sends bulk SMS that he is coming tomorrow, they’ll still say his coming is mid. Mid ko.

3. Burna Lo Help Diddy

These ones believe Abacha’s wife can never be poor as Dangote, and that Nigeria once beat Brazil 99-0 in a World Cup match. Like, bros, can you just stop with the conspiracy theory. Let’s enjoy the music, biko.

4. We Want An Album Like Outside


Ehn, bros go outside if you want outside na. Just make sure you’re wearing a face mask, or else Lagos State Task Force will use you and do Happy


5. Burna Boy Is homophobic


These are the thoughtful people that will rewrite Nigeria’s obtuse same sex marriage prohibition laws. We stan emotionally intelligent Kings and Queens.

6. I Used To Support Burna Boy From Day 1

Oya we have heard o, Lord of Casterly Rock. We know you were around when the word was with God. Thanks and God bless.

7. 23 Is The Hit

These ones will pick beans and there will be no stone left. Don’t cheat on them o, because they will find out. These ones will pick out a hit in an album of hits. Just call them hitmen.

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