Love is a beautiful thing, but while we like to clamour to see our onscreen faves linked up, here are seven instances where we wouldn’t have minded if the writers sunk the ship.

Shalewa and Femi Fernandez in Shanty Town

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Shanty Town is a great movie. We’d rate it a solid 7/10, losing a point each to the casting of Femi Fernandez *cries in his Ameri-igbo accent, a couple of questionable scenes and the underwhelming chemistry between Femi (Peter Okoye) and Shalewa (Nancy Isime). 

Toyin and Sunday in A Sunday Affair

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Why are you dating someone you know your friend is with, the same person you discouraged them from getting involved with in the first place? Even then, these two still didn’t give the type of energy you’d expect from people in a forbidden, risk-my-friendship-for-you type of love. It just fell flat. 

Emmanuella and Zeribe in Glamour Girls

Nothing about this failed attempt at a haters-to-lovers trope made sense. She left her rich sugar daddy for a broke bodyguard and we couldn’t even feel the fierceness or their passion? It’s giving sufferhead. They should’ve just settled for being partners in crime, blackmailing and stealing together. 

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Susie Sugar and Dan in Sugar Rush 

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For a beautiful crime suspect and devout EFCC officer, we expected to see sparks flying everywhere; instead it was as static as that of a NEPA pole. Even I had a more jaw-dropping reaction to Dan’s shirtless scene than she did. 

Kemi and Akin in Blood Sisters

The connection between them in the few scenes they appeared was non-existent. The only inkling of a relationship was when she called him while she was on the run. No one just calls their bestie’s fiance’s best friend to explain why they committed murder, especially when the fiancé in question is the murder victim.

Nonso and Deidre Winston in Wedding Party 2 

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The obvious theory here is that Wedding Party 1 was such a huge success they decided to make another. And since they’d already introduced Nonso (Enyinna Nwigwe) and Deidre (Daniella Down) in the first part, it made sense for them to get married this time. It was either them or Ikechukwu and Somkele’s characters, so God, abeg. But the fact that the marriage proposal was a mistake shows the writers were warning us of how terribly unremarkable this pairing would be. 

Obalola and Teni in Gangs of Lagos

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Each individual character. delivered excellently, but the chemistry that should’ve been present between these childhood sweethearts just wasn’t. We’ll pen it down to their power and class disparity. 

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