Olamide just released his 10th studio album, “Unruly”. While we admit the album lives up to its name, this isn’t the first time Olamide’s made us feel unruly with his songs, and we have proof.

Poverty Die

The entire song was Olamide binding and casting poverty. Is it really a shock that it had the entire country binding and casting with him?


Something about the beat and Olamide’s extra smooth vocals gingers everyone to get up and break their waist to this song.

First of All

This song had every Nigerian wrapped around its finger in 2012 and beyond. At some point, all you had to do was shout “First of all” in public, and everyone would belt out the rest of the song. 


From the beat to Olamide’s “Oya, wo” at the beginning of the song to “aunty shakira dance shakiti”, Olamide had us all willing and ready to lose what little home training we had the moment this song played.

Kpe Paso 

Every song Olamide so much as breathes on reminds us that he wants us to just have the best time. But this one? Olamide strutted all over the song, threw up gang signs and left us wondering WTF just happened.

Science Student

A song that had the streets in a chokehold and the government pressed? Olamide dropped Science Student and had everyone’s parents dropping think pieces about everything from the lyrics to the video.

Who You Epp?

It was compulsory to catch an attitude while singing this song. Who You Epp? dropped and became the unofficial response to anyone trying to do more than they should. 



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