We all know Biggie’s rules. We know what leads to strikes, what can get you warnings, and what should result in Big Brother telling you to get out of his house. But it seems like he’s forgotten. Some things have happened this season, and instead of them ending in disgrace, they’ve been received with grace.

Ilebaye against the world

One blessed night, Ilebaye pulled Cee-C’s hair and wrapped her hands around Doyin’s neck. We’re almost certain she would’ve done something to Biggie too, if he’d had enough guts to show his face. 

Ilebaye got a double strike for that, but according to the rule book, she should’ve returned to her house at once.

Ike, Ilebaye’s clothes and the dirty bathroom floor

It doesn’t matter what Ilebaye may or may not have done to Ike, but consciously taking her clothes out of her locker, spreading them on the bathroom floor and denying it afterward was incredibly cruel. The fact that Big Brother only gave him a strike added to the cruelty of it all.


Yes. Just Seyi. The biggest mistake Big Brother made this season was even letting that man into his house. The second biggest mistake was listening to him talk about women in such a derogatory manner. The third was listening to him talk about training his son to “run trains” on people’s daughters and not immediately opening the door and telling him to get lost.

Ike stealing coins

We don’t know if Big Brother now allows theft of personal property in his house. If he’d nicked Ike’s bad behaviour in the bud when the man started breaking into people’s Moniepoint lockers, maybe he would’ve toed the path of caution and acted like one with sense going forward.

Angel tossing Soma’s clothes on the floor

They were having a lover’s tiff, and she wanted to take her bracelet back. But we honestly feel that if Angel got some form of punishment for this, then maybe Big Brother would’ve gone harder on Ike’s much worse clothes-throwing act.

The brotherhood of misogyny

Apparently, it’s not against the rule book to plan the downfall of your fellow housemates. But Big Brother should’ve given Ike, Pere, Kiddwaya and Cross a strike each, or even a warning, the second he heard them talk about feeding the women alcohol so they can fight each other and go home.


For every time he’s brought out his general addidude, Big Brother should’ve given him a warning. For every time he planned and plotted against the women in the house, he should’ve gotten another warning. And finally, his strike should have come when he called women “disgusting pigs with pussies”. 

Women have actually seen shege this Big Brother season o.



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