After months of praying and fasting, global streamer, Amazon Prime Video, has announced that it’ll finally launch in Nigeria, diversifying our streaming content with new films and TV shows. 

While streaming is nothing new to Nigerians, this move signifies growing worldwide interest in original Nigerian stories. Here are some reasons we’re excited about this announcement. 

We finally see Gangs of Lagos with Adesua Etomi and Tobi Bakare 

Somebody needs to tell director Jade Osiberu that the evil she has done is enough. After teasing us for over a year with behind-the-scenes content from her upcoming film, Gangs of Lagos, she’s finally agreed to release it on Prime Video. 

Gangs of Lagos will be Prime Video’s first Nigerian original film, reuniting Adesua Etomi, Tobi Bakare and Bimbo Ademoye one more time after they killed it in Sugar Rush. The action thriller follows three friends trying to navigate life in Isale Eko, Lagos. 

Freedom from VPN 

VPN is a trigger word after last year’s Twitter ban. But with Prime Video launching in Nigeria, we can finally free VPN before our phone batteries turn to shit. 

The Nigerian version of Last One Laughing with Basketmouth

Imagine a show where comedians try to make each other laugh, and each person who laughs gets evicted, with the last comedian standing walking away with a hot cash prize.  

This is the vibe Last One Laughing

with Basketmouth will have, and we’re ready for Prime Video to inject this show into our veins. Please and thank you. 

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Diverse content

No matter how much you like rice, at some point, you’ll get tired if you eat it every day. And that’s precisely how we feel about streaming. 

The arrival of a new streamer means we get access to fresh Nollywood content from a different perspective and who knows, maybe a little competition is what we need to move past mediocre content. #NoShade

We can see movies we missed at the cinema

Capitalism — and life in general — means we don’t always have time to see every Nollywood movie that makes it to the cinema. But now, from the comfort of our couch or mobile phones, we can catch up on blockbusters like Superstar, King of Thieves and Badamosi

Another platform for small, independent films 

If there’s anything we can learn from the success of For Maria: Ebun Pataki, it’s that Nigerians are constantly searching for gripping stories beyond the popular romantic comedies that clog our screens week in, week out. 

Having another streamer means young filmmakers with innovative ideas can get their films to large audiences without having to go through the costly cinema route. Talk about things we’d love to see. 

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