If you somehow don’t know (because you’ve been living under a rock or something), the highly-anticipated Nollywood movie made by Inkblot Productions, Superstar, is playing in cinemas right now. We’ve been freaking out since we saw it because it’s the best thing since Jollof. What we’re here to do is to convince you to see it because we care about you and refuse to let you continue existing without having seen one of the best Nollywood movies in recent years.

1) The performances

It’s almost like this movie was titled Superstar because of the superstar cast and how they acted the house down. You’ll need to get rid of whatever ideas you had of Nancy Isime’s acting range because she gives such a powerful performance as the movie’s protagonist, Queen, that it’ll make your head spin. Timini Ebuson is genuinely terrifying as the ruthless boyfriend. Eku Edewor’s ability to command attention with few words as the quiet but ever-present Teni proves that she has a tremendous amount of screen presence. Daniel Etim Effiong makes hearts melt as Hassani, Queen’s love interest. And Deyemi Okanlawan’s take on the “brash and no-nonsense talent agent with a secret heart of gold” will have you torn between rooting for him and wanting to punch him in the face.

2) The music

It turns out that Loud Urban Choir’s cover of Arya Starr’s cover of Bloody Samaritan being the soundtrack for the movie’s trailer is just a little taste of the exquisite selection of songs that play through the film. Some of the other songs that feature in the movie are “Do Me Nice” by Show Dem Camp, “History” by Fireboy, and “Tycoon” by Show Dem Camp.

3) The themes

Using the experiences of Queen, the protagonist, Superstar tells an intricate story of not only what it’s like trying to make it in Nollywood, but what it’s like trying to make it in Nollywood as a woman. It also expertly tackles subject matters regarding women that are considered taboo in Nigerian society like sexual assault, domestic violence, jealousy in friendships, the double standards in romantic relationships, and many more.

4) The Romance

Queen and Hassani’s relationship is the sweet cherry on top of the deliciously satisfying sundae that is Superstar. Daniel Etim Effiong and Nancy Isime’s chemistry as star-crossed lovers willing to fight through the obstacles in their paths to be together is so steamy, it would melt even the iciest hearts.

5) The peek into the everyday lives of actors.

It’s easy to look at celebrities as magical beings with perfect lives who just “act” and are rewarded with unlimited money and fame. Superstar reveals that that’s not the case. Many of the big movie stars you see now have origin stories that are as rough, if not rougher, than Queens. They had to attend multiple auditions with thousands of people and hustle for parts until they got their big breaks. Most importantly, using Queen’s monologue scene, the movie shows that acting is indeed hard work and should be respected as the craft that it is.

Superstar is in cinemas all over Nigeria right now. Go witness this magic of beautiful film first hand. You won’t regret it.


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