Johnny Drille, the man that you should hide your woman from, released his debut album titled Before We Fall Asleep and everyone has been raving about it. For me though, all I could see was how you can use this album at various stages of your love life. Here are six songs from Johnny Drille’s album that you can use to help your love life.

1. Driving in the Rain ft. Ladipoe

You know when you start talking to a woman so fine, you don’t mind being her assistant boyfriend? This is the song. The one where you tell her that she can call you anytime, Monday to Sunday. You will even drive in the rain to see her.

2. Odo ft Styl Plus

Odo is the track you play outside the window of her house when you want to profess your undying love for her, with Styl Plus giving you backing vocals. Which babe go hear this one wey no go fall? It might be Styl Plus she falls for but does it matter?

3. Loving Is Harder

This is the song you use to reassure your babe that she’s all you want. Even though your mother doesn’t like her, it doesn’t matter because you want her bad bad.

Meanwhile, the mother:

4. Ova ft Don Jazzy

This one is for when you don fuck up and you need to beg your babe. Depending on the level of the fuck up, this is the jam you play for her to let her know that you want to start over again. Fellas, play this one for her before she becomes the one that got away.

5. Ludo

This is the song you listen to when you find out your babe of three years was cheating on you when you found out that the number saved as “Generator Repairer” sent her a text saying he misses her and how much he enjoyed the last time. Take your love away, I go dey okay o.

6. Before I Let Go

Need a song for when your relationship has hit the rock bottom and it’s heading for the basement? Johnny Drille has made this song to play as the love is slowly dying.


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