The part of me that loved and was stressed out by 2022 K-dramas keeps fighting for dominance. But really, why did they do all that to me? If they weren’t telling me a fencer can’t get together with a reporter, they were stressing my favourite main character with the evilest antagonist ever. Here are seven things I don’t want to see in K-drama this year.

Stretching into two seasons

I beg all the pardons of all the God’s they believe in but K-dramas should be wrapped up in one season. I can’t deal with any more cliffhangers in this life. Not every drama needs a second season, for goodness’ sake. Just give all of them happy endings.

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Anything that’ll make me cry

I don’t want to cry too much, please. Why am I crying real heartbreak tears for a drama? Last year, Korean drama writers gave us back-to-back tears, and no, please, it have do. Any drama that’ll end in tears, let the cup pass over all of us.

Rushed endings 

They made dramas with two seasons, I took it. The drama made me cry, I took it. After doing all that, the ending will now still be rushed? That one, I won’t take. If I see any more K-dramas with the climax in the final episode, I’ll riot.  

Wicked-ass antagonist 

We really suffered with these antagonists last year. Good God. From Jin Mu to Won Sang-ah, just back-to-back wickedness with no character development. Please, it have do. 

Plot holes

I won’t mention names, but again, why does your show have two seasons that just keep widening the plot holes? Allow me to recommend shows to people with my chest.

Too much slice-of-life

Please, we’ve had too many slices. I didn’t even know slice-of-life movies could make you cry until I started watching K-drama. Give me more action and romance where they actually end up together. Don’t slice any more lives.

Second lead syndrome on steroids

Usually, we’d feel bad for these guys;, sometimes, we’d even hate them. But the brand of second lead characters in 2022 K-drama made me sympathetic to their plight. None of them had happy endings, just yearning and sadness. There’s wickedness, and there’s that. Let it end in 2022. 

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