It’s been said that the only time Nigerians successfully unite is when it’s time to defend the country from others who try to make fun of it. That was what happened on the 3rd of May 2020 when Uganda and Ghana attacked in what will forever be known as…I’ll think of a name later.

Let’s just get into the funniest clapbacks!

Nigeria Vs Ghana

When this Nigerian struck a low blow by referencing the accent of Ghanaians.

Ghanaians proved that they are also not above throwing low blows with this tweet.

It’s truly amazing how these guys suddenly became a big part of African pop culture. Also, this tweet isn’t wrong.

See, the folks at Kellogg’s are somewhere screaming about this one.

Well, our roads are shitty so we couldn’t exactly fight this “L”.


Even flags were not safe.

We all remember what Ghanaian food did to Cardi’s digestive system.

Nna ehn.

How did this happen??

Nigeria Vs Uganda

More flag slander.

Is nothing sacred?

It kinda looks like the DJ in that second photo is running a click farm.

This is like that meme of the guy who’s pouring water from a bottle on his head even though he’s in a pool.

Girl, what is this suit?



Zombies have rights?

All footballers want to do is kick balls around and be left alone sha. They don’t deserve this.

Uganda’s coat of arm is…interesting.

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