Angel Gomes TB Joshua Angel Gomes TB Joshua

If you haven’t heard, an old video has surfaced of Angel Gomes, an attacking midfielder for the football club, Manchester United, visiting TB Joshua at the Synagogue Church of all Nations in an attempt to heal his injuries.

In the video, Angel talks about how his numerous injuries (hip, groin, and ankle) are putting a damper on his career, which is why he sought out Temitope Balogun Joshua to try his luck at instant healing.

In a sane world, this wouldn’t be funny at all. Football fans everywhere would include him in their prayers and everyone else would send him love & light. But we don’t live in a sane world. Even worse, this happened in Nigeria. A nation full of people who have no chill whatsoever. Here some of the funniest reactions to the video.

“Vicious dragging this way comes!” – Manhester United fans

“Am I a joke to you?!” – Satan

“Are we a joke to you?!” – Manchester United’s medical staff

Preaaaaaach, brother!

“Seeing as we’re a joke to you.”

“C’mon. don’t gimme that stuff!” – Angel to TB Joshua

“The God that did it for you will do it for me!” – Dembele to Angel, while booking his flight to Nigeria.

You gotta stunt on these hoes with your new legs.

“Just look at this one. Small thing now, he’ll embarrass us.”

“May my helpers not find rest until they locate me!” – Angel, every night at 3 AM.



Wow. They didn’t need to drag his height into it.

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