If you’re on Twitter, you’re no stranger to the Twitter handle, @Chuzzus. As you know, Nigerian Twitter is an institution on its own. And Chuzzus is currently one of its overlords.

Chuzzus rose to Twitter fame by using his own face as memes to accompany his hilarious tweets.

He even reached across the boundaries of Nigerian Twitter when he had a conversation with THE Solange Knowles.

But asides all of that, what really impresses about Chuzzus is his knack for turning things around for himself e.g turning his hilarious memes into Chuzzus Tee Shirts.

If that’s not winning, I really don’t know what is. Now, if Chuzzus tweets a full stop, we will retweet because that full stop will make us laugh. So, here are 13 times he totally won the twitter game:

1. When he perfectly ‘Nigerianized’ this picture of Kanye, Jay Z and J Cole.

2. When he summed up how we all feel about blasphemy.

3. This flawless #Iwasinmyhouseandtrailercametojamme.

4. When he correctly advocated for ‘ugly’ boys everywhere.

5. When he captured all our feelings when Wale Gates tweeted about the Oshiomole wedding.

6. And captured Nigeria’s employment problem in one tweet.

7. When he casually explained unrealistic standards.

8. When he took that shot at Kylie Jenner we all wanted to take.

9. He had the perfect memes for watching movies with your parents.

10. And the judgy faces that only Nigerians can make.

11. When he proved he’s the King of Captions.

12. When he proved that he totally understands the problems of public transport.

13. He literally has a face for EVERYTHING!

He’s not been wrong yet.

I could go on. But I think you get the point. Chuzzus is great and I know you agree. Now share to make someone’s day.


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