Don’t tell me it’s just a movie when the thing pained me deep down and it’s still paining me many years down the line. Please, don’t.

Here is a list of some of the most annoying fictional characters to have ever come on screen.

1) Home Alone.

These guys gave everyone of us hyptertension.

2) Game of Thrones.

Put these two inside dustbin and throw it into the ocean.

3) Matilda.

The evil principal Trunchbull did is enough. I can’t get this scene out of my head.

4) Baby’s Day Out.

These rogues. Gbomo gbomo with international exposure.

5) Money Heist.

Shoot this guy already.

6) Koto Aiye.

The witches were just too wicked.

7) 101 Dalmatians.

Leave our bingos alone.

8) Samurai Jack.

Aku was really the shape shifting master of all stressors.

9) Prison Break.

T-bag = cunning-back-stabbing-selfish-man.

9) Living in Bondage

Andy Okeke, you no try at all. After all Merit did for you.

10) Diamond Ring.

Hate this one for going to university, joining a cult, and then going grave-robbing with that cult (causing ghost Liz Benson to fuck his family up) even though his family was super rich and could afford to get him literally anything he wanted!

11) October 1.

Father, why?

12) Skinny Girl In Transit.

Kwame, it’s on sight.

13) Eran Iya Osogbo.

Hated everything about this movie. Why does it even exist?


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