Over the years, Nollywood has mastered the art of villainy. They’ve moved from the wicked stepmother who wants to put sand in your romance garri, to the uncle that’ll use his connection with Amadioha to ruin your life and now to gun-wielding hotties that can kill with a single look.

We don’t know if it’s the menacing scowl, the questionable surplus wealth or the way they carry themselves, but these Nollywood villains can get it anytime, any day.

Shadow from Brotherhood

It might be the blonde hair or the cigar that permanently resides between his lips or the way he tells his boys to get out, but Shadow looks like someone that’ll slit your throat if you mess with his.

Makanaki from King of Boys

Makanaki in King of Boys 1 was dripping hot, but in KoB 2? With the eye patch, a renewed thirst for power and revenge, and Oja the sword swinger by his side? An unstoppable baby boy. He had the power and was not afraid to use it.

Dame Maduka from Merry Men

Can’t lie, her taste in men is questionable, but other than that, Dame “I am a corrupt politician, watch me roar” Maduka gave sugar mummy that just wants to put your head on her chest and spoil you with her ill-gotten wealth as long as you stay out of her way.

Chief Fernandez from Shanty Town

Kink aside, Chief and his juju man need to drop their political aspirations and take up ASMR as soon as possible. The man only needs to look you in the eyes and say your name for you to offer up your blood for his next fortification.

Male Saint from Dwindle

The man wears all black, is fortified by his mother and can shoot your head off in 0.5 seconds. What more could you ask for?

Young Eniola Salami from King of Boys

Eni baby looks like a sugar baby turned sugar mummy. If you act right and eliminate her enemies, you’re set for life. 

Old Eniola Salami from King of Boys

A whole oba? Eniola Salami would turn you into a polyglot and have you calling her mummy in all the Nigerian languages.  

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Dame Dabota from Shanty Town

The cut-and-join British accent aside, Dame Dabota looks like she’d definitely send her baddie bodyguards to deal with anyone that hurts her baby. She’ll treat you to a good-ass meal and drag an apology out of them. Dame can step on us with her koinkoin shoe any day, anytime. 

Government from Far From Home 

A principled man. He looks like he won’t even introduce you to his shady business. You’ll just be in a townhouse in Lekki, and he’ll come visiting every other Saturday. All he has to do is give you his signature smile, and it’s over for you.

Olayinka in Blood Sisters

A determined and focused woman. Miss mamas doesn’t even have to drop her husband. We’ll happily enter the marriage as a third. 

Lady G in Abuja Top Ladies

Look cute for her and ensure nobody tramples on her ambitions, and Lady G would show you the best time ever. She’ll take you everywhere and make sure your husband and sugar baby stay in line. 

Odogwu Malay from King of Boys

It’s the way he speaks Igbo, and his respect and loyalty to his Oba for us. All we want is for him to call us sweet names in Igbo, and we’ll leave before Makanaki shows up.

Oga Rambo from Far From Home

Oga Rambo looks like the type that’ll slap you into next week if you cut eye for his babe. A man that’s willing and ready to take care of you and let you in on the family business is a man that can get all he wants.



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