Layi Wasabi’s latest video had me in stitches for minutes, until it didn’t. Our man was cracking me up but lowkey dropping aspire-to-perspire gems that had me thinking about my life.

10 Layi Wasabi Quotes to Live By

I took the trouble of compiling 10 Layi Wasabi quotes because, at the end of the day, “it’s information that makes one fly.”

You’re poor, but you’re intelligent

Knowledge is power. If it doesn’t pay your bills today, wait till tomorrow. 

A person that doesn’t like to spend money will spend money in a way that he doesn’t like

10 Layi Wasabi Quotes to Live By

This is your cue to spend your money on the things that matter or risk spending double on the things that don’t.

A true prince doesn’t collect loan

Don’t go around choosing expensive names for yourself. You might be pushing your helpers away.

You cannot have a job in China if you don’t have a degree in Sardine linguistics 

Yes, school na scam. But make sure you graduate and get your certificate first. 

Be you so high, the law is above you

10 Layi Wasabi Quotes to Live By

The law doesn’t give a shit about who you are. Tread carefully.

Are you willing to give your life for what you want?

An important question to ask when you find yourself slaving away for capitalism.

The lack of self-motivation is why the chicken cannot fly, she isn’t the biggest bird. Believe in yourself like an eagle, not a chicken.

So, who are you? The chicken or the eagle? Introspect, please.

Time is never money

10 Layi Wasabi Quotes to Live By

Money is money

The poorer you are, the longer your days

10 Layi Wasabi Quotes to Live By

Now you know what you must do if you want to live long. 

Hard work pays, but minimum wage

So, do you want to work hard or work smart? Think about it.

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