If, despite your best efforts, you can’t snag someone from an old-money family, you still have a chance with new-money folks. Is it not someone to spend money on you you’re looking for? 

You might need to know a few pros and cons before getting with one of them, though.

Pro: They have money, duh

Do I even need to explain this bit? Like a famous philosopher once said, “Love is sweet o. When money enter, love is sweeter.”

Con: They’ve known poverty

They’ve had to hustle to get to where they are now, so don’t be surprised if they shout at you for pressing toothpaste from the middle or not cleaning your plate. There might also be small stinginess, but it’s just because they don’t want to go back to the days of “no money”. 

Pro: They spend lavishly 

They have the tendency to be both stingy and to spend like they’re making up for the years of poverty.

Con: But they may go broke again

The excitement of having money, finally doing dorime in the clubs and flying everywhere like old-money folks, may result in a speedy return to sapa-land. 

Pro: They’re very intentional

No unnecessary “Have you eaten?” questions here. They have the money and will spoil you with romantic gestures.

Con: They think money solves everything

Money has solved all their problems, so what do you mean a credit alert won’t make up for them accidentally sleeping with your best friend?

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Pro: They’ll likely be famous

New money likes attention and will probably be in the news for one reason or the other. There’s nothing like admiring the LOYL on TV, knowing full well many other people have the hots for them, but they belong to you alone.

Con: Cheating might come with the package

Everybody likes good things. Sorry to you if your boo doesn’t have self-control. Just ask the partners of Nigerian artistes.

Pro: They know how to work hard

They know how hard money is to come by, and they’ll work hard to make sure they can keep you in mansions and diamonds.

Con: They’ll have no time for you

If you want someone who’ll call you seven times a day, maybe you should look front. These ones are too busy securing their future.

Pro: You may get rich just by association

They’ll encourage you to double your hustle and even give you business advice. They just want everyone around them to make it too.

Con: You will WORK

If your goal in this relationship is to be a sugar baby, just abort the mission. By the time you read Rich Dad, Poor Dad five times, no one will tell you.

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