It’s 2024. Why are you still going to Google for generic love messages to send to the LOYL, when Afrobeats stars have dedicated their lives and discography to expressing love in innovative ways?

If you don’t know where to start, we’ve dug through your favourite hits for the very best lines.

“My baby, my Valentine / Girl, na you dey make my temperature dey rise”

This opening line of CKay’s Love Nwantiti straight-up makes it clear how perfect it is for Valentine’s Day. After expressing how your lover’s love keeps you warm in this cold world, the song goes on to say, “If you leave me, I go die, I swear / You’re like the oxygen I need to survive.” But this only works for people you love to death.

“Na you I wan retire with, my love”

Oxlade composed Ku Lo Sa for long-distance relationship folks. But this is a straightforward yet sexy line anyone can use to say they want to grow old together with their babe.

“You are my woman / My perfect human / You make my world feel so right even sometimes when I’m wrong”

What else articulates everything a person should be to their lover more than these lines from Asake’s Mogbe?

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“You’re the one I want o / Before my liver start to fail”

Davido goes on to say that if he ever leaves his babe, water should sweep him away, then declares that his babe’s love is so sweet, he must experience it even if it won’t be for long. Listen to Davido’s Assurance for more inspiration on how to show devotion to your babe.

“They say love is blind, but I dey see am for your eyes”

Use this to appreciate your lover’s ever-present love. Nothing says, “I see the depth of your feelings towards me” more than this. Thank Davido for this line from Aye.

“Nothing fit distract me for Lagos / For January, I give you my money / Ego oyibo, ego oyibo, ego oyibo /For February, I put you my baby”

In four bars, Chike’s Ego Oyibo will help you assure your lover that your bond is stronger than Lagos babes, and all your foreign currency is for them every day of the month.

“I know say you be my healer / Nobody t’ole yawa”

If your babe heals your soul and no one can put an asunder between the two of you, this line from Seyi Vibez’s Cana is how you let them know. 

“Uloma, I dey on my ten toe”

This is a declaration that you’re fully committed, grounded and loyal to your babe’s government. Only they can make you feel this way, according to Young Jonn on Xtra Cool.

“The way you do fantastic / Have to put on glasses / Make you no blind me with this your body”

What you’ll be saying with this text from Burna’s Tested, Approved & Trusted is that the beauty of your lover is new every morning, like the sunrise. As it should be.

“It must mean I’m on your case, for me to come out / It must mean I’m at the door / I want to show you my world”

Do like Tems on Me & U and send this to your lover with a plane ticket to a cool baeacation spot. If not, which world do you want to show them?

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