Also: Your curtain is crying for help.

20 September,

Hey {$name}. I act like I’m okay but deep down, I just want to be a sugar baby. Just take a look at this #AWeekInTheLife subject who’s living the best of both worlds as a manager and a rich man’s sugar girl.

I really want to meet her and ask how it feels to be the money god’s favourite.

Tife Editor


The Inside Gist: Manager by Day, Sugar Baby at Night

[My favourite part was where she said, “He who’s without sin should cast a stone. If e sure for you, stone me”. LMAO. Apparently, she also lives just five minutes away from her workplace. No one can convince me she didn’t bribe an angel for this kind of luck.]

The subject of this “A Week in the Life” is a manager at a cosmetic store. When she’s not making sure her office doesn’t burn, she’s also a sugar girl. She tells us about how money challenges morals, the benefits of her job, and why she cherishes her independence.

Read about her week here

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