Also: Nigerian celebrities came out for Halloween in these meh costumes.

1 November,

Hey, you. Today has been one of those days when I just want to curl up and sleep, hoping I’d wake up to find that all’s right with the world again.

If only it were that easy.

Tife Editor


The Inside Gist: The Lagos Babe Life on a ₦30k Salary and Fine Girl Benefits

[When I saw “₦30k salary” in the title, I honestly thought it was a mistake. My
brain is still struggling to understand how living a Lagos babe life and a ₦30k salary can be in the same sentence. Alas, it wasn’t a mistake.]

Hi Ama. This #LoveCurrency story looks like there must’ve been
much to cover during the interview — from asexuality to dating multiple men. How was it?

Yeah, the interview was really long. We started on WhatsApp, moved to a fifteen-minute video call on Meet, before returning to WhatsApp. It was a lot.

Is it just me who feels the main boyfriend should know she has side pieces? Like, how’s she always buying him gifts on a ₦30k salary?

Right? But he actually doesn’t know. She said something about dumping men the moment they found out she had other men. Like, she’d just cut them off and keep it moving.

Interesting. It’s how she calls the men “income sources” for me. Dfkm.

Read the story here

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Zikoko Daily’s Top 3

We ranked 13 Nigerian celebrity halloween costumes

Wizkid really took his “no-stress” persona to heart because, what the heck is that costume? I also expected more from Ebuka, TBH.

Check out the looks

Lagos bus drivers are on strike to break free from agbero billing

Lagos drivers have their wahala, but I’m sure most people would agree the agbero billing is just mad. I hope the strike enforces positive change.

Read the drivers’ thoughts on the strike

Some of the funniest Nigerian tweets from October 2022

I’m very open to anything that’ll make me laugh today, but even I didn’t expect to howl so much at some of these tweets.

Tweets from your fellow Nigerian crackheads


Which Nollywood Stereotype Are You?

I’m very not surprised to be the wicked stepmother.

Take the quiz

Today, everyone is clicking on:

We Need to Talk About Kizz Daniel’s Problematic Lyrics.

His latest single, Cough (Odo), is the newest addition to the Kizz Daniel “inappropriate lyrics” library.

🚀 Read it here

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