Also: The Polish don’t smile, but they’re not angry.

16 September,

Hey, you. I’m back like I never left. I’m thinking of spamming Memi with love emojis so she doesn’t remember I owe her dollars. Think it’ll work?

Also, I came back and saw that Itohan wrote a fitting drag ranking of Nigerian internet service providers, and I totally recommend because MTN has been the weapon fashioned against my health and productivity this past week.

Tife Editor


The Inside Gist: The Polish Don’t Smile. But They’re Not Angry With You

David, my bestie. I’ve concluded the Polish must be related to Lagosians. Why will you just be smiling anyhow?
Hmm. Have you greeted me today, Tife? Is this how we do now? You didn’t ask for my account number too. Why are we living like this? Me, I’ll sha ask how your health is.
But the semo part caught me off guard, let me not lie. Why will they smile when they’re eating semo up and down?
LMAO. Dfkm. The subject said he was denied a visa several times because of insufficient proof of funds. Why can’t these embassies just be clear with what they want instead of repeatedly denying someone for the same reason without saying how much they need?
Do you get?? Like, just be direct with me. Don’t go through the corners.

What was your favourite thing about the interview?

The subject was very friendly. Plus, the number of times he cried, lol.

Why won’t someone cry after everything he had to go through?

Read his story from Poland



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Zikoko Daily’s Top 3

Ranked: Nigerian internet service providers

Typically, a ranking rates something from best to worst, but it isn’t possible with Nigerian internet service providers. So, this is basically a compilation of rubbish. Because they’re all rubbish.

How rubbish is your service provider?

POV: You’re the girlfriend of someone who parties for a living

Imagine being the girlfriend of the King of Lagos nightlife. I’m asking you because my bed-loving self could never. We spoke to Naomi, Chiby’s girlfriend, and it’s not always as fun as you may have imagined.

What’s it like?

How Nigeria’s previous republics fell

The only thing we’re missing is dragons because Nigeria’s history might just give Game of Thrones a run for its money. Chile, the drama!

Grab your popcorn for this

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How Bad Is Your Browser History?

In one line – 🎶Badder than bad, yunno🎶

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🎶 Friday Chuunees!

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8 Meals Nigerian Mums Should Feed Their Babies

It’s not every time Cerelac and breast milk. Sometimes, beans and isi ewu.

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