And other responses you can give when someone accuses you of “forgetting” them.

22 September,

Hey {$name}. I have this bad habit of replying to texts in my head. Like, I’ll see your message, reply in my head and forget to in real life. I’m positive I’m not alone, so if you always get accused of “forgetting” people, there’s an article in this letter for you.💜

PS: If you’re curious about how love works in polyamorous relationships, you should definitely read this week’s Love Life.

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The Inside Gist: Being Polyamorous Didn’t Stop My Jealousy

Itohan! When I read they started dating after five days of talking, I immediately said they give Itohan vibes. LOL. Why did you decide to tell their story?

Not Itohan vibes????? 😭😭The subjects are people I know, and I’ve heard chopped versions of their relationship before. So one day, I put them in a group chat and said, “Oya, start from the beginning”.

I’m not sure I have the strength for polyamory. Do you think you’d ever give it a go?

I’m actually polyamorous. So, I don’t have a choice but to have strength for it. One thing that makes heartbreak easier to deal with is having a partner who’s not only holding your hand through it but laughing with you when you tell them some foolish things about it. It’s great. Shoutout to my partner, Eli fr. The goat.

I’m singing “wow” like an ambulance. On a scale of 1-10, how much did you enjoy this interview, and why?

13. There’s a certain ease that comes with interviewing people you know. Plus, they’re like super in love with each other. Even with the small small insults they were dropping, you could tell it came with a lot of familiarity, ease and love.

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