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2 November,

Hey {$name}. It feels like every one of my colleagues at Zikoko is on leave, and I’m
sitting here wondering if there’s a memo I missed.

Is there a war coming? Will the dollar start exchanging at ₦1k by the end of the week? Somebody, talk to me o.

Tife Editor


The Inside Gist: After Surviving Cervical Cancer, I Just Want Peace

[This #WhatSheSaid subject has been through it. And by “it”, I mean abusive (read as downright evil) friends, a crappy relationship with her mother and cervical cancer. She really deserves a break.]

Here’s what she said:

“The second time they [my friends] drugged me, I was in my second year. They were experimenting with a random pill and were too scared to try it themselves, so they put it in my drink and only told me after I drank it. All I remember was being very happy and floaty, and then, waking up in a hotel room.

I finally snapped when one of them raped my boyfriend.”

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I got “Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal”. For legal purposes, I won’t confirm or deny this. 🤐

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