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Vol 52 | 30-10-2023

“The Coastline of Nigeria Is Beautiful From the Sky” — A Week in the Life of a Pilot

This pilot cum businessman talks about the challenges of aviation in Nigeria, the best part of being a pilot, and the importance of friends.

An excerpt: “When you’re fresh out of aviation school in the US, the best place to fly is in Nigeria. In aviation, we rate experience with hours spent in the air. So instead of saying I have 20 years experience, you’ll say I have X number of hours. As a Nigerian, you’re at a disadvantage competing against Americans for spaces because you have neither experience [hours] nor the means to gain them. Unlike Nigeria where pilots are few, there are many pilots in America. Therefore, it’s easier to get a job and gain hours when you come back to Nigeria.

The only challenge is dealing with Nigerian factors. While my company doesn’t have the Nigerian factor, I’ve heard tales…”

What does his typical week look like?

Money Meanings

Game: #HowMuchLast

#HowMuchLast is a game where we show you an item and you tell us (and the world) the highest amount you’d pay for it.

Some weeks will be Okin biscuit, some others will be SUVs.

With what flight tickets prices are saying, you begin to wonder if you really need to hop on that plane. But say you do, how much would you be willing to pay for a flight ticket?

What’s the most you’d pay? Tweet at us here.

Where The Money At?!

We can’t say we’re about the money and not actually help you find the money.

So we’ve compiled a list of job opportunities for you. Make sure you share this with anyone who might need it because in this community, we look out for each other.

Again, don’t mention. We gatchu.

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