“Just don’t take me to Lagos”

The first thing ₦400k salary told us is that it’s allergic to Lagos. All its problems seem to start once it enters that city.

“If you must, carry me somewhere cheap”

It specifically mentioned the mainland and Ikorodu. 

Treat me with care

You people scream “be kind” every day, but you don’t practice what you preach. Have you thought about its feelings?

I don’t do well with baddies

We stan a salary that knows its boundaries.

“Look at me now. Am I not enough?”

Who knew ₦400k salary also watches BBNaija?

“Half of you guys can’t even afford Chicken Republic refuel max, but you think you can afford me?”

That’s a little classist, but very Nigerian of ₦400k.

“Inflation, you do this one”

To be fair, inflation is who we need to drag like small gen.

“I be Idan too, I be boss”

It might be big for nothing, but it’s still hard to get, please.

“Buhari, you will crumble for this disgrace”

And to that, we say, “Amen!”

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