If you’re toying with the idea of working for a startup, just prepare your mind for these things so you’re not caught off guard.

So you’ve come to terms with the fact that to make money, you have to work…

A sad reality, but okay.

Then you chose to work for a startup because you must get this bag…

Just clap for yourself.

Just prepare your mind for these things because startups are not for the weak

You’ll see pepper sha, but if that’s your kink, keep reading.

Your job title is just that… a job title

If you think because you have just one job title, then you’ll have one role, you’re sorely mistaken. Prepare yourself to take on three roles at the same time, while always fighting fires.

Your working hours will seem normal on paper

On paper, it’ll look like you have a regular job. You go to work at 8 a.m. and leave by 5 p.m. This will leave you thinking you’re going to a traditional workplace. LMAO.

But you’ll wonder where your work-life balance went

Suddenly, you’re working all the time, even when you’re not at the office. If your job is remote, just know your case is worse. You’re always at work. Slowly, your coworkers become your best friends, and your work becomes your life.

You’ll learn a lot very quickly

Unless you’re an olodo. Because how can you not get 5x better after working on one million projects in six months?

But they’ll either pay you very little…

It’s not their fault. If they haven’t blown or raised money yet, you’re not working for money. You’re working to “change the world”. 

…or very well

But if they have plenty of dollars in the bank, your life will be soft. Then you can start putting laptop emojis on your Twitter bio and fighting about why React is a better framework than Vue. Talk about rich people problems.

They have a mission statement, and you must buy into it

It’s money you were looking for going in, but you need to think about changing the world first ,even though your rent is due tomorrow.

This is how people will see you

But this is how you’ll be inside

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