1) Deodorant.

Please, I am begging you. This is more important than anything in the world. Stop causing attempted olfactory murder every time you pass by. There are affordable ones ranging from N600 – N1,000.

2) Cardholder.

This is a multipurpose store for your Atm cards, business cards, e.t.c. It is one of the best ways to prevent the loss of cards. Also, it looks very adulty when you pull out a cardholder to pay for stuff. People go “oooh, a proper adult.” N800 is a small price to pay for adult privileges.

3) Nail cutter.

It’s a no brainer why this is important. Cleanliness is next to godliness dears and it begins with your nails and for less than N500, you can easily start your own journey.

4) Laundry basket.

For N1,000, this foldable basket is a steal.

5) Hair removal cream.

“Razors are mean, be nice to your skin.” – For N850, you can kickstart your self-love journey today. Also, being hair-free in certain body regions is a good aesthetic for when you have to…oh look, a bird.

6) Hangers.

Nothing screams I am grown-grown like properly laundered clothes on a hanger. The best part is that for N850, you too can start your adulting journey today.

7) Condoms.

“Better wear a latex because you don’t want that late text. That “I think I am late text.” – Lil Aristotle Wayne, 19B.C. Adult boys and girls this is a requirement that can’t be compromised. This is if you are sexually active. Stay strapped out there because safety and enjoyment start from the N100 price point.

8) Pain medication.

Disclaimer: Before using any medication always consult your appropriate and qualified healthcare provider.

Lie that since you turned 21 you don’t have regular back pain. That sharp pain in your lower back constantly reminds you that you are no longer a youth and even though you deny it, we know and you know it too. Having a mild pain killer within reach can help soothe the occasional midnight ache. Also, having minor first aid essentials like methylated spirit and cotton wool is a plus because of minor home accidents.

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