Conversations about money are typically difficult, but we must have them. The country’s current economic situation and our natural love for cash and credit alerts make them necessary.

So when @nihiinn, a user on X, asked the TL what money opinion is liable to get people in trouble, we scoured the app to find some of the weirdest entries.

This is weird.. because are we debating this?

Let us get rich and see first

Elumelu, we’re watching you?

Don’t worry, you’ll like “rainy days”

Life is warfare to some people

Agabado chose both and put them on extra hard

Wait, is crime truly the ingredient?

So nothing for free thinkers? God, plis

Tell that to Kidd Waya

This is a sign you should buy that iPhone 15

Delulu or the solulu?


I thought “family over everything”

History lesson, pleasee

Do we have kind people left in this world?

Nawa o

I don’t think this is still about money

Not sure I get this, but ponder on it

Lmao. Drake cries in Rihanna

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