It’s good to save; you know that, we know that, everyone knows that. But, sometimes your bank account and financial needs are in a constant feud and you’re always in the middle. You want to save, but you also want to spend and chill, because you really didn’t come to this world to suffer.

Here are seven things you’ll relate to if this is always happening to you:

1. Calculating every kobo in tears because you know an emergency will always come up and you’ll need to spend it.

The emergency comes in many forms; buying that bag you’ve been eyeing for weeks, repairing a bad charger, buying aso-ebi for a best friend’s wedding, buying that new phone that just came out because it’s more superior to the one you got a month ago, etc.

2. TGIF And The Ministry Of Enjoyment

Sometimes, you’re disciplined enough to hold yourself from doing too much. Other times, you’re home on a Friday night, on your own browsing through Instagram. That’s when you see your mates are doing TGIF and chopping the life of their head — essentially tensioning you. It’s in that moment you’ll remember the small savings you have stashed away in the kolo under your bed, and how the money will not spend itself. So, you finally say yes to going out with your friends for the weekend after they’ve been hounding you for the past two weeks.

3. You think of saving, but end up chanting “I can’t come and kill myself” as you eat the last meat in the pot

No lean diet for a rainy tomorrow. You want instant gratification NOW and you’ve got to put your money where your mouth is.

4. Buying food instead of cooking, despite the promises you made to yourself

You told yourself you’d only eat the food you cook, why waste money buying lunch when there are groceries at home? When you’re an excellent chef and can whip a better Jollof rice than any buka or restaurant. That was a week ago. Now, you’re looking at the remaining chicken bone in the plate of food you ordered while crying on the inside. Well, at least, you won’t have to wash the disposable plates; at least, you saved up on soap

5. When you read all the articles about saving but still can’t get yourself to do so

It’s just so much work: you work hard to make money, why not spend it anyhow you want?

6. All THOSE Bills.

Because, this is Nigeria, look how we living now. The prices of things go up astronomically, inexplicably and without adequate warning. NEPA will bring their own, LAWMA will bring their own, your service provider will bring their own and so on, so why are you bothering to save sef?

7. Can’t stick to a budget, can’t stick to a savings goal, can’t stick to anything…

It was your New Year’s resolution to save more. But you’ve long forgotten that now. You really tried to be good and improve your saving culture but everything keeps working against you.

Still having issues trying to save but want to achieve your resolution before 2019 ends? Tired of all your excuses, and all your unrealistic budget/savings goals? We’ve got a plug for you.

Join the Backup Cash 21 days savings challenge. By saving as little as N500 daily for 21 days on the online savings platform via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or the app, you can gain up to 13 percent interest rate on your savings.

Oh, and if you’re the kind to start and not finish–because you can’t help yourself–you can open a Steady Save account that automatically saves for you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.”

Yeah, we know, you get rewarded for saving–AWESOME.


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