People say, “If you’re not making money, keep your opinions to yourself, blah blah blah”. But where’s the evidence that rich people have or give the best advice?

Sometimes, you can tell they don’t “know ball” in the manner they ask you to pay attention to the following:

Work for passion, not money

No lies, if you enjoy the  work you do, it won’t feel like work. But think about it;  will you survive on the passion you’ll eat during these agbado times?

Swing at big risks

Most risks will hurt you more than they will help you. What’s hilarious is that your wealthy advisor has a big cushion to fall on if everything scatters. But you, that has only “God abeg” to fall back on will see shege that’s mixed with pepper.

Reduce spending

There’s really not much to reduce in this current Nigeria if you think about it. Also, the rich won’t spend less than what they want or think is necessary.

Don’t leave Nigeria

When the wealthy tell you “japa isn’t patriotic”, tell them to use their money to fix the country.

If Nigeria isn’t working for you, it’s not by force to stay. 

Save for retirement

This sounds good. But for a struggling Nigerian, retirement isn’t necessarily about financial security, it’s just an age.

Also, inflation is dragging your money with you. Expensive food prices and fuel won’t let you rest. You’re not even sure you won’t touch and finish your savings before 2023 ends?

We don’t advise you to not plan for retirement sha.

Avoid your comfort zone

See, you shouldn’t let someone that’s comfortably seated on their couch tell you to get out of your comfort zone. It’s good advice, but you shouldn’t kill yourself. After all, Nigeria isn’t comfortable for anyone right now.



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