There’s this general assumption in work culture that you need to be extroverted if you want job success or recognition. Every time, “Put yourself in people’s faces” or “Use office politics to your advantage.” 

What happens to introverts who just want to do their work and go? We shouldn’t feel forced to have to change for capitalism’s sake, and that’s why we’re making a case for introversion at work today.

Work would be done much faster

When you aren’t thinking about eye service or how to create unnecessary email threads as evidence of your productivity, or announcing to the rest of the team on Slack that you successfully finished a task (that you’re even getting paid to do in the first place), you know what would happen? You’d actually be productive for real.

We’d hack work-life balance

If companies really want us to have a work-life balance, they wouldn’t do it by organising mental health seminars, team hangs or retreats. How’s hanging out with the same people I talk to five times weekly meant to ensure I have a life outside of work? Just give us money and call it a day, please.

No fake smiles anywhere

Because no one would feel forced to ask coworkers, “How was your weekend?” when we all know it was spent dreading the coming week.

No need for oversabi too

Since you don’t have to prove you’re actually doing the work, there’s no need to overly act like you want to spend all your waking hours at the feet of capitalism.

No one would need to pretend to have a “passion for work”

We all know we’re working because adulting doesn’t want to leave our necks. Let’s just focus on doing the work because we have to, rather than blaming it on “passion” for the points. BFR.

Or pretend like they care about their coworkers

Yes, introverts like listening. But have you ever thought it might be because other people talk too much? Why do you think we care that a cat appeared by your window at night? If everyone becomes introverted, we wouldn’t have to pretend to care anymore, plus there’ll be more peace and quiet. Win-win.

No unnecessary meetings

Because if there’s one thing introverts generally agree on, it’s that most meetings could very well just be emails. MFJPM.

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