To be honest, the 30+ jokes write themselves. You don’t have to try too hard to find something joke-worthy about 30+ people. I mean, they sleep at 8 p.m. and think the abbreviation “IMO” means “Imo State”.

Tempting as it is to constantly make 30+ jokes, I think it’s enough. And you might agree with my reasons too.

We’ll soon be 30+ too

By we, I mean the Gen Z. We can’t even claim to be young anymore. Think about it, we’ll be inductees into the 30+ group in four or so years. It hurts just to think about it.

The jokes are starting to give reality

We laugh about 30+ folks and their back pains all the time, but guess who has started feeling pains in their backs, too? You and I.

We don’t have money

We always complain about how going “outside” leads to the dreaded “savings or current?” question. But we’re bantering people who’ve hacked sleeping at home until it’s absolutely necessary — and saving money while at it. Make it make sense, please.

They seem to have their shit together

If anything, we should be begging them to give us tips to navigate this adulting thing. It’s tough out here.

It’s time to move to 40+ jokes

Gen Zs aren’t the only ones getting older. Today’s 30+ will be tomorrow’s 40+. Don’t let them think they’re off the hook.

Or even 60+

If you think about it, it’s their agemates in power that are making this country difficult for us.

We’re all tired

We say 30+ people are always tired, but that’s swiftly catching up with my Gen Z babes. We’re tired of everything: Nigeria, capitalism, paying bills and carrying the whole social media. At this point, throw everything away.

We’re celebrating the Nigerian culture of meat and grill with Burning Ram. Have you gotten a ticket yet?

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