Here’s the bad news: There’s no easy way to make money in Nigeria. And the good news? You can still smile to the bank if you keep your eyes open to the opportunities around you and work smart to defeat capitalism.

We’ve compiled some ways to make money in Nigeria.

How to make money offline in Nigeria

The rise of social media came with an increase in digital money making opportunities, but there are still legitimate ways to earn an income offline. 

Get industry-specific skills

Relatively Easy Ways to Make Money in Nigeria

With the right skills, getting a job is easier. Competition is stiff out there. In April 2023, KPMG projected that Nigeria’s unemployment rate would rise to 41%. With thousands more seeking employment, understand that there are no in-betweens for recruiters. You’re either employable or not. Once you’ve taken the painstaking effort to upskill, put yourself out there. These are some things to note while applying for jobs:

  • Have a professional revamp your CV
  • Create a spreadsheet to track job applications
  • Join communities for job seekers
  • Dust up your negotiation skills

Explore agriculture

Relatively Easy Ways to Make Money in Nigeria

You might have rolled your eyes at farmers in the past, but that’s an offline money-making opportunity that can turn your finances around in good time. With the rise in food costs, many Nigerians now see the value in farming, and the number of people willing to get their hands dirty have significantly increased.

However, it’s important to carry out proper research to identify an area of interest and market need before venturing into farming. Some areas to consider:

  • Crop farming: Cultivation of wheat, rice, corn, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs and non-food crops such as flowers and ornamental trees.
  • Livestock farming: Rearing of poultry animals (chicken, birds, turkey), cattle, goat, pig, etc.
  • Fish farming: Rearing fish for commercial purposes.
  • Mixed farming: Combining crop and livestock farming.

Outside of farming, you can also consider:

  • Sale of farm machinery
  • Agriculture consulting

Private tutoring

Relatively Easy Ways to Make Money in Nigeria

The hard work comes with offline marketing and getting referrals from parents or students.

  • Minimum entry requirement: Expertise in any field of study
  • Potential obstacles: Competition from schools
  • Average Required Hours Per Week: six-ten

How to make money online in Nigeria

Thousands of internet users aren’t just online to have fun, many people look for services to meet their everyday needs, and others are willing to provide these services at a fee.

If you fall in the second category, we’ve highlighted some ways to make money while providing services with your mobile phone or laptop.

Content creation

You might’ve heard the phrase “Content is King” before. If you haven’t, there you have it. This is why content creators have taken over the internet these days.

Now, who is a content creator?

A content creator makes original content to entertain or educate people on social media. They build a following by consistently putting out content that appeals to a set of people who share similar interests. For example, some content creators focus on money, food, travel, etc.

With more businesses trying to reach their target market on the internet, content creators help bridge the gap. In Nigeria, Alma Asinobi is a travel and lifestyle creator who’s top of mind for travel and tourism businesses looking to reach potential customers.

Content creation is one of the easiest ways to earn money online in Nigeria. However, it requires a high level of dedication, consistency and creativity. As a content creator, you can earn money by:

  • Producing organic content such as videos, pictures and blog posts for brands
  • Partnering with brands to advertise their services
  • Organising content creation classes
  • Starting and monetising your YouTube channel

To start your content creator journey, choose a platform of choice and consistently put out content. Potential obstacles are internet hackers and competition from other creators in the oversaturated field. But hey, the working hours are flexible.

Remote work AKA freelancing

Relatively Easy Ways to Make Money in Nigeria

With a laptop, mobile phone and stable internet, you could earn a killing for your skills by offering freelance services.

Freelancers are not bound to an employer, which means they can take on as many jobs as they can handle, and earn from multiple streams. If you’re good at writing, graphics design, social media marketing, video editing, coding, web development, or any digital skill really, there are loads of opportunities for you to earn money through freelancing.

And the good news? It’s easy to start. First, you’ll need to register and create a profile on freelancing platforms. As a beginner, you can consider starting with popular platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour and Freelancer. Next, write proposals, apply for jobs and get to work.

With freelancing, it’s important to do your best work to build your credibility score through satisfied clients.

  • Minimum entry requirement(s): Expertise in any field 
  • Risks/potential obstacles: Bad internet, dishonest clients.
  • Average Required Hours Per Week: Flexible
  • Resources/Websites: Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer

How to make money online as a student in Nigeria

Are you a student in a Nigerian university? If yes, chances are you could use some extra income. Almost everything is designed to finish your pocket money no matter how prudent you are. Food, handouts or a dating life that requires little monetary sacrifices here and there. Don’t worry, we’ve got some pointers to help you earn a little on the side.

Sell online courses

You can do a lot more with your midterm papers, long essays and research work as an undergraduate student. If you’ve put in a lot of work into writing a project that scored you an A or B, you might want to consider repurposing it and selling it as an online course. Professionals in your industry are looking to stay updated with the latest findings in research and may be willing to pay for your project.

This is a great way to build your authority in an industry, and ultimately, position yourself for better opportunities after graduation.

Make sure your online course is packed with value, and sell on online marketplaces like Udemy and Sellar.

  • Minimum Entry Requirement(s): Knowledge in area of interest
  • Risks/Potential Obstacles: Distrust from potential customers
  • Average Required Hours Per Week: Flexible

School registrations

Course registration, hostel registration, among other school registrations can be a daunting process for fresh and even some old students in university. That’s where you come in: offer to help them at a price.

Remember, you’ll be charging for your time and the resources (internet) used, so you should consider this when setting a price.

  • Minimum Entry Requirement(s): Knowledge of school’s portal
  • Risks/Potential Obstacles: Time-consuming, bad internet connection
  • Average Required Hours Per Week: Flexible

How to make money with your smartphone in Nigeria

You can do more with your phone, especially if you’ve invested in an high-end device. If you’re thinking about cashing out the ROI, you might want to consider these options to earn money with your phone.

Work as a social media manager

The demand for social media managers is soaring, and with a good mobile phone, laptop (optional) and stable internet, you can work anywhere and make money as a social media manager.

You’ll handle social media pages and communities on platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, X, Thread, TikTok and Facebook for brands and individuals at a charge. While this is a seemingly easy way to make money, you’ll need to be knowledgeable about the new trends on these platforms.

Your task will include posting and scheduling content, engaging with the audience, and keeping track of the company’s analytics.

Still, some social media management roles go beyond posting content and replying to comments. You may be required to carry out a company’s social media content strategy, which often involves studying engagement statistics and creating online promotions.

  • Minimum Entry Requirement(s): Deep knowledge of social media, relevant certifications
  • Risks/Potential Obstacles: Competitive market
  • Average Required Hours Per Week: Flexible

Work as a virtual assistant

Are you detail-oriented? Great at organising? Have communication skills on a lock? Then working as a virtual assistant can be a great way for you to make money on your mobile phone. It gets better because you can work with anyone, anywhere in the world. As a virtual assistant, you’ll offer administrative support for clients, managing their calendars, responding to emails and phone calls.

  • Minimum Entry Requirement(s): Relevant skills and certifications, knowledge of Google Workplace and relevant skills
  • Risks/potential obstacles: Poor internet
  • Average required hours per week: Flexible


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