With inflation on the rise, more people are looking for more ways to double their income. In this article, 5 Nigerian women talk about making money online. If you are looking for how to make money online in Nigeria, this article is for you. 

how to make money online in Nigeria

Temmy, 20 

I create content for websites, ghostwrite ebooks and manage social media accounts. Sometimes, I write academic essays, CV and cover letters for few clients. I have been writing since I was in secondary school. I used to write mostly poetry but I got into professional writing last year. I made my first 50k from self-publishing a book. 

This year, I made my first 100k from ghostwriting a book. So far, I have made about 400k. Most of my jobs come from referrals.  I believe that creating an Upwork account will bring me more money but I am not sure how to go about it. 

However, the money comes and goes because Nigeria’s economy makes it hard to save. I don’t get financial support from my family so a lot of my money goes into feeding myself. 

May, 29

I started writing articles for clients on Fiverr last year. Currently, I make about $1000 every month. In some months, I make up to $1500. My articles focus on weddings and travel. I get a lot of orders every day. On a bad day, I earn $20 per order. My goal is to earn more money from my writing. 

Tobi, 27

Last year, mid pandemic, I learnt User Interface and experience design. It was an engrossing experience and when I was done, I got my first gig on Twitter. One of my friends mentioned me under someone’s call for UI/UX designers and I got the job. It was an exciting project and I earned about 200k from it. 

I also write culture feature stories and I have gotten most of my gigs from Twitter. I tried all those freelance sites but they never worked for me. My goal now is to make more money building websites for people. 

Limah, 23

In January, I took up social media management. I am currently managing a client’s account and they pay me 25k every month. I am not satisfied with the pay but I do it because I am trying to gather experience to build my CV. It also feels good to earn money during these times. 

Fola, 20

Every month, I earn about 30k – 50k  writing SEO friendly articles for brands looking to grow their audience. I have been doing this since last year and I am proud of how much I have grown. I plan to expand my knowledge to other facets of digital marketing so I can get better paying gigs.

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how to make money online in Nigeria



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