I was thinking back to the years I spent at my parents’ and the experiences that came with them. I realised something very subtle, but also important. There were a couple of money lessons they inadvertently taught me. Since we joke about how Nigerian parents went to the same training school and whatnot, there is a chance that you will relate to these things too.

1. Have money and you will inspire people to do things 

Remember when your parents promised to do something for you if you did well at school? And do you remember all the extra work you put in because of that? That’s exactly how money works.

2. Getting your money’s worth doesn’t make you cheap, it makes you responsible

You probably didn’t understand why your mum liked to spend hours haggling prices at the market. But now that you’re older, you’ve realised that the extra money they saved from getting a good deal meant something.

3. Find creative ways to get maximum value on everything you spend money on

At some point, you wondered why there were so many plastic plates and bags in your kitchen. Well, they were there because they hadn’t lost their value. 

4. Sometimes, you need to say no to people. Problem no dey finish

Your father knew this, and that was why he told you he had no money to give you sometimes. He had to put himself first too.

5. No amount of money is too much for self-development 

From paying school fees to hiring lesson teachers, Nigerian parents went in hard on education. You didn’t know it at the time, but they were preparing you for the time when you’d have to start investing in yourself.



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