If you love and enjoy Zikoko’s content, you’re fun and curious and love to read entertaining stories about youth culture. If you read TechCabal, Zikoko’s sister publication, you love to be abreast of news in the tech ecosystem. Both Big Cabal Media — our parent company — products have served your content needs over the years. 

Now, BCM is working on something — a newsletter — that will probably be your next favourite thing on Tinubu’s internet. We’re calling it The Big Daily.

What’s The Big Daily Newsletter?

First, you need to know that The Big Daily newsletter is free. But it’s also more than that: the newsletter offers a smarter understanding of the most important news worldwide and why it matters [to you] in only two minutes.

Think about it this way — a newsletter that brings sharp and concise insights into events around the world every morning, making sure you begin your day on a smart note. We go beyond the surface of the news, helping you understand the essence of each story: why it matters, its backstory, and how it affects you. 

Why should you subscribe? 

Have you ever freaked out when something major happened in the world but you don’t have enough context to figure out what it is and why you should care? The Big Daily newsletter will help you avoid this kind of cluelessness. We bring the news about business, politics, global news, entertainment and more to your email every morning. Our promise is simple: there’s something for smart, curious minds in The Big Daily! 

Do I get a referral benefit when I share the newsletter?

Yes, you do. When you spread the word about The Big Daily, you get smart, they get smart, and everybody gets smarter. So tell a friend to tell a friend. Can’t think of a better benefit than that. 

Let’s do this! But where do I subscribe?

Subscribe now at thebigdaily.substack.com



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