On March 10 2020, I published the first-ever “A Week In The Life” story. It addressed the struggles of a female Keke driver who was punching her weight in a male-dominated field while also doubling as a breadwinner. This theme of understanding people’s work struggles set the tone for the rest of the episodes in the series.

Since then, I’ve spoken to over 40 Nigerians with different jobs, struggles, and wins. These stories have opened minds, sparked conversations, and changed the life of subjects along the way.

As the year comes to a close, I’ve picked 10 of the absolute must-read in this series.

1) A Week In The Life Of A Kayan Mata Seller Focusing On Sex Education

Today’s subject is Maryam Usman, a Kayan Mata seller from the North. She talks about the challenges that come with her business and more importantly, the need for sex education amongst Northern women.

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2) A Week In The Life Of A Flight Attendant

Today’s subject is *Tunde. A 29-year-old flight attendant of mixed heritage who tells us that part of the training to become a flight attendant involves learning how to deliver babies.

flight attendant

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3) A Week In The Life Of A Call Center Agent At The Suicide Hotline

Today’s subject is **Mark, a psychologist who is a call center agent at the suicide hotline. He walks us through his battle with faith, the need to help people, and the challenges that come with his job.

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4) A Week In The Life Of A Nurse On The COVID-19 Frontlines

Today’s subject is *Agnes, a nurse currently caring for Covid patients. She tells us her fears as a young person working in close contact with an infectious disease.

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5) A Week In The Life Of ‘Agba’, The Entertainer Who’d Rather Be Rich Than Famous

The subject for today’s “A Week In The Life” is Olubiyi Oluwatobiloba, an entertainer popularly known as ‘Agba’ of Konibaje baby fame. He tells us about the good and bad side of fame, his creative process, and his exit plan when skits are no longer sustainable.

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6) A Week In The Life Of An Imam Navigating A Zoom Ramadan During Covid-19

Today’s subject is Imam Nojeem Jimoh. He tells us how he’s navigating Ramadan using technology in this special time.

Zoom Ramadan Covid-19

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7) A Day In The Life: The Soldier Eagerly Looking Forward To Civilian Life

Today’s subject is a soldier in this mid-thirties who walks us through fighting bandits in the North, corruption in the military, and his plans for civilian life once his military service is over.

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8) “Border Closure Is Only Enriching People” – A Week In The Life Of A Smuggler

The subject for today is Mr M, a businessman and smuggler. He talks about the risk involved in his job, how bribes affect the prices of goods, and his hope to diversify his source of income.

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9) “Men Try To Take Advantage Of Me” – A Week In The Life Of A Female Bouncer

The subject of today’s A Week In The Life is Tope. She’s a bouncer and she talks about the stereotypes she faces at work, advances from men, and how difficult it is to be a bouncer during COVID. 

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10) A Week In The Life Of A Fish Specialist Earning $5,000/Month

The subject of today’s “A Week In The Life” is a twenty-six-year-old fish specialist. He talks about making over $30,000 from selling fishes, how he stumbled on the business, the cruelty fishes face, and why he left paid employment.

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Check back every Tuesday by 9 am for more “A Week In The Life ” goodness, and if you would like to be featured or you know anyone who fits the profile, don’t hesitate to reach out. Reach out to me: hassan@bigcabal.com if you want to be featured on this series.



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