In today’s Nigeria, surviving on one salary cannot be enough. You need to get a second job for extra urgent 2k. At some point, you might even want to let your employer know that they have a rival. Here are eight ways to let your employer know you have a second job.

1. Let your two employers meet each other virtually

When you’re on a video meeting, just add your second employer to the video call and let them meet each other. You can also use this method if you’re a Yoruba man trying to introduce his two wives to each other.

2. Let them fight, the winner gets to keep you

You are special and both your employers should know that. So organise a death fight, whoever wins gets to keep your services.

3. Tell your first employer that you need time to focus on your second job

If your first employer is stressing you, tell them that you don’t have time for this rubbish because you need to focus on your second job. Disclaimer: Don’t say Zikoko said you should do it o.

4. Show up at work with the branded t-shirt of another employer

If your second employer has branded t-shirts, wear one to your first employer’s office. This is even sweeter if they are competitors.

5. Casually mention it during a meeting

Instead of too much talk, just casually mention it during your office meeting so that your boss won’t shout too much.

6. Buy something your employer knows you can’t afford with the salary they pay you

If your first employer doesn’t pay you a lot, buy something they know you can’t afford, like a Benz. Your employer will want to know the secret so that he can buy Benz too. That’s when you hit with the news. He won’t see it coming.

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7. “Accidentally” send them your second job’s payslip

Let them see what the other company is paying you. Make sure you say “oops” so they know it’s a “mistake.”

8. Ask them for a raise by copying them in the same emails

Starts the email with “Dear Sirs/Mas” and let them figure out the rest.



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