13 Things Everyone Who Has Been Unemployed Know To Be True

February 10, 2020

Unemployment in Nigeria has enough firepower to break the fiercest of spirits. There’s nothing as enervating as the job search process and all the baggage that comes with it. One minute, you’re sure your job is only an application email way, but after sending your CV to places you didn’t think you would, you realise that life Nigeria has other plans.

If you’ve ben stuck at home because you couldn’t get a job at some point, this is for you.

You, in your final year, fantasizing about the 150k starting salary job you’re sure you will get

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Let’s get this money

How you look at your NYSC allawee

What insult! NYSC is a scam.

When NYSC ends and you start applying for jobs

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Let’s do this.

But the ones you’re qualified for need you to have years of experience

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But how now?

When you start applying for the jobs you’re not qualified for

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Maybe. Just maybe.

You, every time you get a rejection mail

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Not another one.

When you realise that the only friend you have is the guy that owns a kiosk on your street

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What would I do without you, Mallam Isa?

When you get a rejection email for the job you were sure to get

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Why is this happening to me, God?

When you spend your last cash to get you to an interview and it turned out to be a GNLD scam

Just kill me now

You, looking at the uncle who promised you a job after service

Shame. Shame. Shame.

When you realise that your CV is on major job platforms

Mad oh

When you’re catching up with friends and the only thing they are talking about is their job

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People are scum.

When you finally get the congratulatory email

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