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At a job interview, how you say something matters as much as what you say. The most effective way to convey your passion and excitement is through action and behavior. Unfortunately, most people don’t pay attention to these things so they end up ruining their chances.

There are certain things to do to improve your chances of “congratulations you got the job” over “we decided to pursue other candidates.”

These are some common interview mistakes to avoid:

1) Not researching the company.

It seems very obvious to research the company you want to work for but many people don’t do this. It’s important to know how their core values and mission statement tie into your role. It also helps to know key senior employees in the company in case they are in charge of the interview. Don’t be caught unaware as failing a question about the company can make it look like you don’t care enough about the job.

2) Wearing the wrong clothes.

Check for culture fit for the role you are applying for. Don’t wear casual clothes for a formal interview and vice versa. The wrong clothing screams “I don’t belong here.” That’s why it’s important to research the company you are applying to and dress appropriately.

3) Arriving late.

Man, there is nothing tackier than arriving at an interview late. It’s better to not even go because interviewers can get the impression that you don’t value their time. Try to arrive some minutes before your interview so you are mentally prepared and settled. Being calm before an interview greatly increases your confidence.

4) Not being coherent.

Try to rehearse the answer to “tell me about yourself” over and over again so that it reads smooth and natural. It won’t help if you are just thinking about the answer to this question on the spot. It will make you come off as scattered and disjointed. This can also reduce your chances of getting the job.

5) Outright lying.

Try to avoid claiming expertise you don’t have because some interviewers can decide to test your claims in real-time. Once they spot a lie, it becomes difficult to believe any other thing you say no matter how true it is. It is just safer to avoid such a scenario.

*Proficient in excel left this chat*

6) Disturbing the interviewer.

After the interview, constantly calling and sending emails to the company will not increase your chances of getting the job. This only shows them that you are sort of desperate (which you are but it doesn’t mean they should know). Try not to nag the interviewer so much in such a short period of time as this can put them off.

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