The increased fuel and food prices — with electricity costs and exchange rate following bumper to bumper — means the average Nigerian thinks about running away at least once a day.

To japa or not to japa?

But since japa money doesn’t exactly grow on trees, you can do the next best thing: Get a job that’ll sponsor your japa. Let’s teach you how.

Resign from your current job

How can you look for a job that’ll change your status when you’re still limited to your Nigerian job? Free yourself, so you can move forward.

Get creative on LinkedIn

You’ll need to highlight skills you may not have if you want abroad recruiters to notice you. Now’s the time to put your lying skills to good use. The idea is to become irresistible.

Manifest it

Write your desired country down somewhere you’ll see it every day. You can even make it your laptop wallpaper. Even if your boss and coworkers see it, they can’t blame you. Who no like better thing?

Tell your Nigerian parents

Just tell them you’re hoping for a job that’ll relocate you, and let them do the rest. They’ll carry your name to the mountain and pray until you get it. Side effects include forcefully tagging you along to these prayer sessions.

Start small

If you deep it, Cotonou is also “abroad”. So, start by getting a job in Cotonou or Togo. Are they foreign countries or not?

Get a job with a witch

You may not get any sleep at night, but at least, you’ll fly from country to country. A win is a win.

Become a full-time sugar baby

An opportunity to catch flights and not have to bow to capitalism anymore? Sounds like a plan. Sure, you might meet the one that’ll want to use you for rituals or the one whose wife will beat you like a thief, but that’s small occupational hazard.

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