Get your money up

You can’t “blow” with crypto in the true sense of it if you don’t have money to put in. So get the bag, stack up your cash, and get ready to lambo. If you don’t know what that means, You’re NGMI.

Learn about it

If you’ll make any money from crypto, you should at least know what it is. Do your research so the money you’re investing doesn’t turn into school fees for not knowing what you should know.

Find friends to invest with

You can’t find all the good stuff alone, so you need your friends to get into crypto with you. Where’s the joy in “blowing” alone anyway?

Have a strong mind

Crypto can be volatile, so you need to be the kind of person who won’t burst into tears after seeing their money drop 50% in one day. Because it can also do a backflip and turn into 100% in one night.

Buy the dip

Things are cheap now, and it’s the best time to get in. You don’t want to start running helter-skelter when people start screaming “To the moon!”.

Wait it out

You’re not going to blow in one day. So after putting money in, you still have to wait for the bull run to carry you “trabaye” like Asake said.

Use a good exchange to keep your coins safe

Safety is the most important thing in crypto. If you lose your coins, you lose everything. You need an exchange that won’t stress your life as you’re trying to lambo, and that’s where Bundle comes in. Bundle allows you to easily buy and trade over 80 cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Ethereum and SHIBA. All you have to do is download the app and sign up to get started.



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