If your partner exhibits one or more of these dating red flags, then you should definitely have a conversation with them.

1) They are secretive about where their money goes.

They are most likely funding jaapa plans without you. You have to be careful.

2) They hide their debts from you.

You have to be careful with these people because what else are they hiding from you? Another family?

3) They can’t stick to a budget.

Hmmm. Will they able to stick to a relationship? Long term?

4) They try to control your money.

These ones will try to control the relationship, red flag.

5) They want you to quit your job because you earn more than them.


6) They buy more than two pieces of meat with their food.

They are greedy, run.

7) They participate in every giveaway.

Every self-respecting person knows you should only beg for money two times in a month.



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