7 Gifts Under N5,000 That’ll Make Your Valentine’s Celebration Look Priceless

February 11, 2020

Why isn’t Valentine’s day a public holiday? It makes you wonder why Capitalists want to take our hard-earned funds without giving us time off from the grind.

Well, jokes on them because I don’t even have money like that. I was wondering, can you celebrate Valentine’s day without spending a lot of cash?

Well, the answer is yes. At least, I believe you can. It just depends on how you look at things. So, I came up with ways to ensure you celebrate on a budget yet still give your partner an unforgettable experience.

Let’s start:

1) Create a playlist for them:

Am I the only one that associates music with certain periods of my life? When I listen to some songs, I am transported back in time to specific moments in my life. What better way to imprint yourself on your partner by curating and sharing a playlist that tells them exactly how you feel about them? The best part is that it is relatively affordable.

Valentine's day tape Zikoko

2) Home-cooked meals:

“There’s rice at home” – Nigerian proverb.

The aim is to show love and you can have a cook in session together. Nothing screams romance like trying and failing at new exotic recipes together and then finally settling on eating indomie with egg. In addition, you can add a bottle of wine to step it down.

Indomie with egg Zikoko Valentine's

3) Bond in Lagos traffic:

Since conflicting schedules make it difficult to have heart to heart sessions, I recommend that you guys go home together on Valentine’s day. Use the terrible holdup to have that much-needed conversation and also make plans moving forward. It costs you nothing.

Lagos traffic Valentine's ZiKoko

4) Hand-made gifts:

Nothing screams “I love you” like hand made anything. From cards to sewing clothes to even baking. Any gift that shows that you put in labour can melt even the coldest person.

5) E-books:

If the person loves to read, try to ask for a list of titles they have wanted to read for a long time. Should you choose to accept this mission, there are two ways to go about it:

Use sites like Okada books and Goodreads to buy the books at affordable rates and send to them.

*Looks left and right* use the backdoor like…

Ebooks Zikoko Valentine's day

6) Games night:

If both of you agree to a quiet evening, then you could play cards, Karaoke, drinking games, PlayStation. Nothing too fancy or over the top. Anything that encourages bonding is good to go.

couple playing game Valentine's day Zikoko

7) Quality time:

The main aim of this holiday is to spread love and many times this just means being there for the person. It could be simple as showing up for them at a work presentation, a hospital visit, a bad mental health day or just staying up at night over the phone to assure them that things will work out.

Giving someone the gift of time is invaluable and hardly any gift can top it because we all need love.

Couple spending time Valentine's Zikoko

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