Recently, I had an interesting money situation where a friend defaulted on a loan. From the lies to the silence, I felt somehow. Especially because of the lies and fake anger. I assumed that a friend wouldn’t treat me like that.

Motivated by my experience, I went asking people for their own money experience. Here’s what they said:


There was this guy I used to borrow money. It was annoying because he was living above his means.

To impress his rich friends, he’d collect money from poor people like me – Money for movies, clubbing, Netflix. From this money, he’d also eat out, buy weed, give his clothes to the dry cleaner. God, it was annoying. The worst part was that he’d only text when he needed money.

So, I devised a plan to scam him in return. For a week, I ignored his texts and calls. He was so desperate to come back that he started paying for my food, drinks, and loud. I made sure we went out well, and when I was satisfied [that I had collected what I’d given him], I disappeared. [Laughs]


There was this guy who had been my online friend for 4 years. We met offline a few times but the relationship didn’t progress into much, however, we were cool so I trusted him.

He called me one day saying he needed ₦50,000 because Lastma stopped his car. I was like I don’t have ₦50,000 but I can do ₦30,000. The agreement was that he’d pay back once he got home since it was an unplanned expense.

That day, the guy stopped picking my calls. Messages were delivering and he wasn’t responding. This is someone that if I send “Hi,” he’d respond quickly.

By the next day, he had still not sent the money. I had to threaten him because of how uncomfortable I felt. I told him how disappointing he was. I don’t know how he did it, but he repaid the money that day. I suspect that he went to borrow from another person.

Up till today, I don’t fuck with him anymore.


I once loaned this guy ₦30,000 and he never paid back. The annoying thing was that I once loaned this same person some money that he paid back in a week. I didn’t know that he was testing the waters.

For the 30k loan, the agreement was a month to pay back. One month turned to two, to three. Initially, I wasn’t bothered about the money because it was my rainy day funds. Then, I went for Nysc camp, and the whole process made me dead broke – So, I needed my money.

I reached out to the guy and he was like “Ahan, hasn’t he given me?” He was now like “Why didn’t I say anything since?” In my mind, I was like “I have to remind you that you owe me money?”

That’s how he said he’d settle me and I shouldn’t worry.

It’s been almost 2 years and nothing. I have cancelled both him and the money. It’s cool sha because we learn every day.


One of my faves that year scattered my head. I was asking for my money and she was like “Is it because of this small money?” I was shook. When she eventually paid the money, I did giveaway.


In the past, my mum and I used to be guys, but not anymore. I’d loan her money and she’ll not payback and that was cool.

The incident that shocked me was when she used my name to collect money from my siblings. Apparently, she told them I’ll payback and those ones didn’t confirm from me.

It was annoying because it was a rough time for me. I paid the money, but since then, our relationship hasn’t been the same. I still love her oh, but it’s not like before where I could move the world for her.


I don’t like talking about it. The summary is that I was engaged to a bastard who duped me. I took a loan to support the ‘wedding’ and paid into his account. To cut a long story short, I didn’t get married and I’m still repaying the loan. Oloshi.



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